Best Smart TVs of 2019

Best Smart TVs of 2019


It might not be the best value OLED smart TV, but the LG OLED65E7P is guaranteed to give you a stellar picture performance, unmatched sound quality, intuitive navigation controls and and a immersive gaming experience.

The LG E7 outperforms other smart TV models in the same price range in terms of image quality, delivering perfect black levels and superb contrast that will make all t

he color gamut come to life. Motion Handling and Pixel Level Dimming ensure there is no motion blur or residual halos during action scenes. And with the upscaling feature you will also be able to improve the quality of your old DVDs, Blu-ray and other content, and enjoy watching them as if it was the first time!

Aside from the stunning 4k quality, what makes images so realistic is the combining effect of the “picture-on-glass” treatment of the OLED display and a 120-Hertz refresh rate, that ensures a smoother flowing of the frames. The “picture-on-glass” design makes the display surrounded by a quarter-inch of glass instead of the traditional black bezel, creating such a spectacular visual effect that you might have

trouble coming back to the real world!

This smart TV comes with a Dolby Atmos sound bar to provide a deep sound immersion, with thunderous bass depth and crystal clear vocals that when paired when the amazing picture quality are close to a true cinematic experience. A digital optical sound output also allows you to connect the TV to your own surround sound system.

The remote comes with many exciting features, such as an on-screen pointer that follows your movements and allows you to quickly enter passwords and select menu items – acting much like a Nintendo Wii remote -, a scroll wheel very useful to quickly navigate the menus and the content of the steaming services, and voice recognition for changing channels, adjust volume or quickly launch applications.


  • Stunning OLED screen
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Great wide viewing angle
  • Input lag is excellent for gaming
  • Dolby Atmos sound close to theater quality
  • Other cheaper LG models perform as well
  • Less smart TV features than Roku TV and Android TV


Sony 65-inch XBR-X900F

If you can afford the high price tag, the Sony 65” XBR-X900F is guaranteed to make your living room an unforgettable home theatre experience for whoever comes for your movie night!

Thanks to the TRILUMINOS display, the image quality of this smart TV model simply can’t be exaggerated in terms of how it performs across almost all the parameters, with inky-blacks and bright highlights, cutting-edge high dynamic range performance and vibrant colors with smoother gradations of red, green and blue.

Enjoy even better pictures with the full-array local dimming (FALD) technology, which makes possible to dim and brighten different areas of the screen independently as needed, creating even deeper blacks and higher contrasts.

Action in movies will appear more realistic, courtesy of X-Motion Clarity blur reduction technology that improves the smart TV’s refresh rate and refines motion, delivering action scenes that looks amazingly natural and authentic.

You can access all your favorite entertainment options from Netflix, Amazon and YouTube to Spotify, Hulu and Pandora with a click of a button. Quickly browse your favorite TV shows, movies and thousands of apps for Android games, and with Google Cast you can also send content to the TV from your smartphone or laptop, streaming movies just as if you had Chromecast plugged into your smart TV.

Located on the remote, the Google Assistant button will launch the voice recognition app that allows you to find web content, order pizza or connect to other applications using the microphone located in the remote.


  • TRILUMINOS Display
  • Amazing color accuracy and rendition
  • Full-Array Local Dimming
  • Alexa and Google Home enabled
  • Google Assistant with voice search
  • Android TV and Google Play
  • Built-in Google Chromecast
  • Mediocre off-axis viewing
  • Less than stellar sound quality
  • Android TV should improve responsiveness


TCL Roku 55P607

Only a handful of other TVs can offer this superior image quality for such a cheap price. If you are in the market for a budget smart TV, you should definitely put the TCL Roku 55P607 on the top of your list.

Just because it costs less than the competition doesn’t mean it offers less value. The 55P607 feels premium and looks awesome, with stunning crispness and vibrant colors that are as good, and even better, than more high-end TV sets regardless of the brand.

The 55P607 supports full-array local dimming (FALD) technology, with 72-zone dynamic LED backlight control that dims and brightens the screen independently to create deep blacks and rich contrast only on areas where they are needed. But even without local dimming, the native contrast of this smart TV is of stunning quality as well.

The intuitive navigation makes this model one of the most user-friendly in the 4K market, with easy-to-navigate menu settings, icon customization options for the connected devices, preset names and much more for the enjoyment of your top-shelf home entertainment. The remote has voice search, headphone jack for private listening, and a remote finder feature that allows you to locate a misplaced remote with a beeping sound by using the control buttons on the TV’s back.

In addition to UHD 4K, this smart TV model supports HDR 10 and Dolby Vision with a wider color gamut, meaning you will enjoy more lifelike images. It can also upscale video and any content to 4K, so if you have something in 1080p but want to watch it in full resolution the TV will scale it up to near 4K quality automatically.

With the 55P607 you have access to one of the largest assortments of apps in the industry. To name a few: Amazon Prime, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Watch ESPN, Comedy Central, and thousands more available on the Roku platform, including most of the 4K and HDR streaming apps available. And with Movies Anywhere you can also watch movies and shows you’ve purchased on iTunes.


  • Supports Dolby Vision HDR
  • Roku TV with 450,000 movies and thousands of channels
  • Advanced remote features, including headphone jack
  • Pause function for live TV
  • Full-Array Local Dimming
  • Feature-rich mobile app
  • Low input lag enhances gaming experience
  • HDR content occasionally too dark
  • Sound quality could be better




Smart TV ModelPriceScreen Type
Sony 65" XBR-X900F1999 USDLED LCD
TCL Roku 55P607379 USDLED LCD
Sony Bravia OLED XBR-65A1E3198 USDOLED
Vizio P65-E1819 USDLED LCD

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